The research briefings sent to members in August 2019

Last month’s research briefings

Last month's research briefings

As well as podcasts, infographics, video research briefings, a copy of the monthly review, last month we sent out the following research briefings, based on just published* research to members:

  • What is followership and how does it work?
  • Do personality tests predict workplace deviance?
  • Emotion regulation abilities predict work engagement and attitudes towards work
  • Entrepreneurs: the link between learning and being alert to opportunities
  • How evidence-based are organisational policies?
  • Management by Projects and Social Project Culture for business sustainability
  • Online learning habits
  • The impact of counter-knowledge on organisations
  • The power of silence in organisations
  • The problem with adopting evidence-based practice
  • What happens when you get a proactive newcomer into the team?
  • Why some people in organisations act fairly and others not so
  • The difficulties in emotion regulation scale (DERS)
  • Neuromyths – How and why knowledge doesn’t change beliefs
  • Mental toughness – what it is, and which personality instruments show it
  • State space grids: A method of working out team and group dynamics
  • The problem with our ideas of culture change: Three organisational and team culture myths
  • Absorptive Capacity Scale
  • A Special Report on Action Learning

As well as the monthly synopsis as a PDF, Video and members only podcast.

What is a research briefing?

How to use The Oxford Review to do more than just be the most knowledgeable person in the room

* Our briefings are based on studies published in the last 3 months so our members are the most up-to-date, knowledgeable and evidence-based practitioners and consultants in the room.



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David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson is the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Review. He is also acknowledged to be one of the world's leading experts in dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty and developing emotional resilience. David teaches and conducts research at a number of universities including the University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division, Cardiff University, Oxford Brookes University School of Business and many more. He has worked with many organisations as a consultant and executive coach including Schroders, where he coaches and runs their leadership and management programmes, Royal Mail, Aimia, Hyundai, The RAF, The Pentagon, the governments of the UK, US, Saudi, Oman and the Yemen for example. In 2010 he developed the world's first and only model and programme for developing emotional resilience across entire populations and organisations which has since become known as the Fear to Flow model which is the subject of his next book. In 2012 he drove a 1973 VW across six countries in Southern Africa whilst collecting money for charity and conducting on the ground charity work including developing emotional literature in children and orphans in Africa and a number of other activities. He is the author of The Ambiguity Advanatage: What great leaders are great at, published by Palgrave Macmillian. See more: About: About David Wikipedia: David's Wikipedia Page