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Why hiring over-qualified people is a good idea – new research

Organisational Success Podcast

Over-qualified workers are increasingly common It is common these days to find overqualified professionals working in a wide variety of jobs that do not require their level of qualification, skills, knowledge and experience. Additionally, many jobseekers these days intentionally omit academic qualifications, work experience and senior roles they have held in order to obtain a […]

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Scientists in the boardroom – interview with Dr. Ruby Campbell

Organisational Success Podcast

Subscribe on iTunes Player FM Listen on Spotify Listen on Podbean Scientists in every boardroom Dr Ruby Campbell LinkedIn: Twitter: @ProveritasGroup Email Ruby Transcript David Wilkinson (00:00:00): Today I’d like to welcome Dr. Ruby Campbell who’s written a very interesting book called Scientists in The Boardroom: Harnessing the Power of STEMM Leaders in Every […]

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The problem with transformational leadership – new research

transformational leadership and cynicism

A lot of organisational change research over the last 20 to 30 years has focused on issues around transformational leadership and the ability of transformational leaders to have a positive impact on organisational culture to effect organisational change. However when transformational leaders meet cynicism… (This research briefing was sent to members in 2019) Variable outcomes […]

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How educational video impacts student learning, engagement & critical thinking


Educational video Educational or instructional video is being used more and more frequently in organisational learning scenarios. The use of video in educational and training context is not new, with the earliest known classroom augmented teaching via film being used during the Second World War. However, recent advances in internet and online technology has meant […]

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Evidence-Based Organisational Change – New Podcast

The OR Podcast

Organisational change is a continually ‘hot topic’ within both the organisational and research communities with very good reason, as the rate of the pace of change increases year-on-year (currently estimated to be approximately 9% change increase year-on-year). And this is just in terms of new knowledge, scientific discoveries and technological advancements. Added to this, there […]

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The effects of human-robotic integration on the humans

Robots and Humans

Human-robotic workspaces are starting to become more common across many sectors. As human-robotic collaboration increases and spreads out of manufacturing becoming a feature of many workplaces, there comes a question. What is the impact of human-robotic working on employees? New research into the impact of human-robotic integration was published recently (and sent to our members […]

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Online Learning: How to increase learner engagement

Online learning

The problem with online learning One of the big problems all online and e-learning courses face is keeping people engaged and learning. The estimated drop-out rate of online and e-learning range from 30% for non-compulsory organisational and institutional e-learning, such as courses provided by universities and companies, for example, up to over 90% for MOOCs […]

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