Research Briefing Specials

Research Briefing Specials

The Oxford Review is famous for its Research Briefings®. These are short, addictive overviews of the very latest research across a range of subjects around people, business and organisations. In addition, to the members research briefings (see here for details of memberships) which focus on specific published research papers (see What is a research briefing), we also publish Special Research Briefings. 

What is a Special Research Briefing?

Special Research Briefings, unlike the normal Research Briefings we send out every week to members are topic-based briefings looking at what the latest research is saying about a particular topic.

For example, we have published Special Research Briefings on a wide range of people, organisation and business topics such as:

  • Effective Coaching
  • Business Pivots
  • Leading Learning
  • Unlearning
  • Developing High-Performing Teams.

Buy and Download Special Research Briefings (Full List)

  • Effective CPD
  • Leading Learning
  • Is Tuckman’s Model of Group / Team Development Valid?
  • Effective Coaching
  • Organisational Health
  • The Oxford Review Behaviour Change Primer
  • Group Decision-Making
  • Feedback
  • High-Performing Teams
  • Characteristics of Successful CEO’s
  • How to Repair Deviant, Toxic Corporate and Organisational Cultures
  • Leader Differences and their Impact on Leadership Outcomes
  • Executive Coaching and its Outcomes
  • Is there a Difference Between the Generations at Work?
  • Unlearning
  • Guide to Culture Change
  • Knowledge Management and Productivity
  • Emotion Regulation and Beliefs
  • Change Failure Rates
  • Future leadership Skills
  • The Negative Side Effects of Coaching

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