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Effective CPD: What the research says

In this Special Research Briefing we look at what the research says about effective organisational CPD or Continual Professional Development. Many organisational CPD schemes fail to have much impact beyond adding more information to already crowded and busy brains. Additionally, organisations tend to confuse CPD with primary learning and development activities.

Did you know?: 

  • There are two forms of CPD
  • That interactive workshops and coaching are the 4th most effective method of CPD?
  • Many organisational CPD schemes have such weak evaluation criteria for CPD engagement (such as time engaged in CPD) that they provide next to zero motivation to develop effective CPD
  • That the aim of CPD is to provide the client, customer, patient, organisation, business, etc. with the most up-to-date, well evidenced and high-quality service by the professional as possible
  • What the 4 main motivations are for engaging in CPD?
  • What creates credibility for the CPD in the eyes of the professional?
  • What factors about the following determine whether learning is transferred to the workplace and creates change?
    • The learner
    • The design of the CPD
    • The workplace
  • How the new dynamic transfer model works?
  • What impact face-to-face v inline CPD has?
  • What combination of factors increase the likelihood that CPD will create change?
  • How to develop evidence-based practitioners?

This special report covers the very latest research about what works and doesn’t work, or is least effective in terms of creative CPD that creates positive change for the professional, the organisation and their clients.

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