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Firm/Organisation- University Partnerships: What the research says

Special Research Reports

As more and more organisations turn to universities to help them both with organisational issues and product/service innovation issues, the number of failed relationships continues to grow as well.

Firm-university partnerships offer many significant benefits including:

  • Increasing innovation and spin-offs
  • Increasing evidence-based practice capability
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer and generation
  • Higher levels of organisational ambidexterity, flexibility and agility
  • Greater competitive advantage
  • Lower R&D costs
  • More accurate decision-making

However, there are factors which can lead to firm-university partnership failure including:

  • Tensions between the needs and values of the firm and the university
  • Different cultures
  • Different drivers and concerns
  • Perceptual differences
  • Mistrust
  • Poor relationship management
  • Poor partnership management skills

This special report looks at the research around the success factors for firm/organisation collaboration and is essential reading for any organisation or university considering a collaborative relationship.


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