How to be impressively up-to-date with no effort

How to be impressively up-to-date with no effort

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How to be impressively up-to-date with no effort


You know those people who are always impressively and ridiculously well read? The people who somehow just appear to know something about everything and are continually saying things like:

“Have you read…?” or

“Actually there is some research on that” or

“Ah yes the research says that…”.


Have you ever wondered how they appear to know and have read so much?


2 ways to be impressively up-to-date and always have something useful to contribute


There are two ways you can be like this:

  1. You can spend all your spare time in the library trying to read and understand all the research as it is published (if indeed you can get hold of it). Oh there are 78,000 papers published every month by the way. OR…
  2. You can sit back and relax …

and let us send you the very latest organizational and human development research in short, to the point, practical, useful and understandable briefing papers. A beautifully simple and powerful way to be impressively and seriously up-to-date.

Simple! – well all the best ideas are.


Be that impressively and seriously well informed and up-to-date professional

This Easter, for the very first time you can get The Oxford Review (the monthly round up of interesting research and between 1 and 3 useful research briefing papers every week) sent direct to you with a 50% discount!

A quick read and you are up to date. We have done all the leg work for you.

Now that’s smart.

Why don’t you become that person who appears to have read everything, the impressive professional who is bang up-to-date on all things to do with organizational and people development and learning? Click here to get started.

Be impressively well-informed

Get your FREE organizational and people development research briefings, infographics, video research briefings, a free copy of The Oxford Review and more...

Be impressively well-informed and up-to-date

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Be impressively well informed

Get the very latest research intelligence briefings, video research briefings, infographics and more sent direct to you as they are published

Be the most impressively well-informed and up-to-date person around...

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