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Free 5 Day Sprint  for consultants and coaches

Reveals what the latest research says about positioning yourself as an expert

David Wilkinson - editor The Oxford Review

Dr. David Wilkinson - Editor

I will show you what the very latest research says about expert positioning


how to use it to make sure you come across as the expert every time

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The problem consultants and coaches face is that they have to focus on two things:

  1. Attracting new business 
  2. Their job

Trying to focus on both can be stressful, and to be quite frank, most consultants and coaches would much rather focus on their area of expertise...

You can do both - focus on your area of expertise and attract new business and without too much effort as they are aligned. You just need to understand a few key principles.

I will also show you the one big mistake many consultants make.

There are a series of new research studies which shows quite clearly what clients are looking for, what criteria they use to decide someone is an expert and much more. I will share this and more on our brand new 5-day sprint.

Use your expertise to attract the right clients. We will show you what the latest research says about EXPERT POSITIONING and how, on this Free 5 Day Sprint, you can stand out from the crowd and position yourself as the expert in the eyes of potential clients.

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  • What the research says about what clients look for in a consultant
  • The psychology of how people get the idea that someone is an expert - without being told
  • How the top consultants and consultancies position themselves as trusted experts
  • And much more

Join our free 5-day expert positioning sprint and learn to apply the latest research to position yourself as the expert in the eyes of potential clients.

I’m Dr David Wilkinson, editor of the Oxford Review and I am personally running a brand new, live, 5 day sprint to show what the latest research says about:

  • What clients are looking for

  • How they make decisions about which consultant to hire

  • What can derail consultants 

  • What expertise is and how it is different from experience and knowledge 

  • What it is that tells a client they have an expert in the room

During the 5-days participants will be given a series of resources, live workshops and a series of small, easy to complete tasks which are specifically designed to use the research to demonstrate expertise. 

A number of recent studies have shown that more than anything, organisations are looking for expertise that their staff don’t have. The entire reason they turn to consultants is to get hold of the expertise they need and don’t have to solve their problem or problems. 

Unfortunately many consultants confuse expertise, knowledge and experience. During the 5 days we will unravel just what clients are really looking for and how they decide that someone is an expert or not.

Over the course of the 5 days I will be guiding participants through the research in small easy to follow stages so that by the end of the week they will have a clear idea of what an expert is and exactly how to position yourself as one in the eyes of potential clients. 

Why are we doing this?

There are two main answers to that question. This is the start of a longer series of courses we are designing for members about how to use the research to make a difference. This is a way of piloting that material with as wide an audience as possible.

Secondly we are hoping that participants will find out just how useful scientific research can be in their daily lives as consultants and how central it is to their own development and their clients. We are big believers of evidence-based practice and if we can encourage more evidence-based practice and the use of good research in organisations then we will be very happy puppies. 

The sprint runs from Monday January 6th until Friday 10th January 2020 and is fully supported with live Q & A sessions, research briefings and other materials. Registrations close on Friday, January 4th

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