We are looking for a special writer to join our team
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We are looking for a special writer to join our team

We are looking for a very special writer who can decipher social sciences academic papers and turn them into plain non-academic English for practitioners.

This is a remote position, so location is not an issue.

This job entails:

  • The ability to understand what the main takeaways from academic research papers are for non-academics and translate them into language consultants and practitioners in organisations (many without degrees) will understand, and in a way they will find interesting and informative
  • Be able to simplify and explain complex concepts in a manor that is useful and interesting to practitioners
  • Write both long and short form copy including:
    • Research briefings and reviews
    • Blog posts
    • Course content
    • Support materials such as
      • video scripts,
      • presentation slides,
      • carousel packs,
      • social media content
    • Working collaboratively on projects / books and longer-term projects

Key skills and attributes

  1. You **must** enjoy writing and learning about topics to do with organisations 
  2. Perseverance
  3. Conscientiousness
  4. Focussed
  5. Excellent written communication
  6. A good grasp of narrative
  7. Awareness of the needs of practitioners such leaders, managers and other key organisational workers and management consultants and coaches
  8. Fast learner
  9. Patient
  10. Be able to determine the pertinent points of academic research papers – this is critical
  11. The ability to work autonomously
  12. A love of learning / curious
  13. Likes variety
  14. Strong feeling for and interest in organisations and organisational development and allied subjects

If you are interested and feel you have the skills – fill in your details below and we will send you more detailed information and what the next steps are… ????

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