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How to use conflict management processes to improve productivity…

conflict management

How does conflict management improve productivity? Many studies over the years have shown that conflict in the workplace often has a negative impact on productivity.  Previous studies have shown that interpersonal and inter-group (departments for example) conflict can frequently result in individuals or factions refusing to co-operate and withdrawing in subtle and often hidden ways […]

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5 ways to deal with conflict

How to deal with conflict in organisations

How to deal with conflict in organisations. This post is the follow on from Conflict Management Protocols In Management which reports on a new study sent to our subscribers earlier this year. In this post (part 2) I look at new research that shows the five ways people deal with conflict in organisations. 5 Ways […]

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Conflict Management Protocols In Management

Conflict Management

In this two part post I look at a paper published earlier this year which looks at how to deal with conflict in organisations. Part 1 Conflict management protocols Types of conflict and where they’re likely to emerge Five types of conflict Good conflict / bad conflict In almost all organizations there will be a […]

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Lessons from Iran on dealing with job conflict

Job conflict

Dealing with Job Conflict An interesting and unusual paper about to be published in early January (2016) in the Iran Red Crescent Medical Journal (Yes we really do scour the journals from around the world!) looked at nurse’s experience of organisational or job conflict in hospitals within Iran. The researchers examined the experience of organisational […]

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