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Elevate Your DEI Consulting with Cutting-Edge Research and Tools

Stay Ahead in DEI Consultancy with Latest Research and Practices As a DEI consultant, you are the bridge to transformative change for many organisations. Our series equips you with the latest DEI research, strategies, DEI news and innovative approaches, enabling you to offer top-tier advice and solutions to your clients, driving meaningful change. What you […]

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What is DEI? The Oxford Review Guide to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

What is DEI? The initials DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and might also be seen as DEI&E in some organisations and consultancies, which refers to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Equality. For this briefing we will use the shortened form of ‘DEI’ (Definitions of each of these terms are given below). What is EDI? […]

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Passive and Active Diversity in Inclusive Leadership – The Research

diversity and inclusive leadership

Despite the efforts of scholars, diversity professionals and policymakers over the past century, structural inequalities still exist that disadvantage black, indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC) and women.  These often unseen barriers are present throughout society, including in private and public organisations. New research has looked at the impact of passive and active forms of diversity […]

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Team diversity and performance – what the research actually says

Special Research Reports

  Special report – Team Performance and Diversity   It is often assumed that diversity is good for team performance. However this isn’t always the case. Diversity can increase team performance but only under certain conditions. So we have pulled together a special report for you that shows what the research actually says about the […]

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How organisational diversity policies can hide racial discrimination

Organisational diversity polices

Organisational diversity polices can cause more problems than they solve. Whilst there is a plethora of research which shows that multicultural approaches to diversity tend to reduce prejudice and increase positive multicultural relationships, a new study has found that there can be a negative side effect of organisational diversity policies. Keywords: Racial discrimination, diversity, diversity […]

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An evidence-based framework for developing inclusion in the workplace

inclusion in the workplace

Developing inclusion in the workplace is a much wider issue than just developing and publishing a series of policies. A new study looking at the research into inclusion in the workplace best practice has produced a very useful research and evidence-based framework for promoting inclusion in the workplace. Inclusion in the workplace The research 6 ways of […]

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Job crafting: What, why, who and how it helps Organisational Change

Job crafting research briefings

This week members received research briefings about: Job crafting There have been slightly more than 4,000 studies about job crafting since 2008 when the first studies appeared. However over 800 studies have been published about job crafting this year alone, which indicates a significant research and organisational interest in the topic. So this week we […]

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