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Executive Coaching and its outcomes: What the research actually says

Executive coaching research briefing report

The latest executive coaching research A number of new (2018)  wide-ranging studies of executive coaching research have just been published. These include the first systematic review of executive coaching, which focuses on all the previous published research about executive coaching aims, methods and outcomes that has been published to date. The second research paper incorporated […]

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How to deal with the negative side effects of coaching

Expert coaching

The Expert Coach: The clean v expert coach debate   Clean v expert coach Clean coaching Expert coaching The clean coaching dilemma The expert coaching dilemma What the research says The expert coach Is it real expertise? Accidents and experience Expertise is more than experience Impressive     Get free research briefings, infographics, video research […]

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Research briefings for executive and organisational coaches

Research briefings for consultants

How to be the most impressively up-to-date and well-informed executive and organisational coach around Professional coaches who know all the latest thinking and research are impressive. They have the tools and  insights that are really valued by their clients. The thing that is most impressive is that they always have the evidence to back up […]

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How to keep right up-to-date as a Executive or Organisational Development Coach

Keeping up-to-date with the latest thinking about organisational, management and leadership development thinking is the basis of being impressive as a coach. This video shows you how professional executive and organisational development coaches at the top of their game stay right up to date.   How to stay up-to-date as an Executive and Organisational Development […]

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