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A New Study On The Role Organisational Culture Plays In Creating A Knowledge Culture

Knowledge culture

One of the most striking things about the current era is the unbridled access that individuals and organisations have to data and knowledge. Organisations that build their culture around gathering, sharing and exploiting knowledge often have increased levels of intellectual capital. Knowledge is a highly valued resource, due to its potential to enhance a business’s […]

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How to repair deviant, toxic corporate and organisational cultures

How to repair deviant, toxic corporate and organisational cultures

The Oxford Review has just published it’s latest Special Report – How to repair deviant, toxic corporate and organisational cultures. Special reports are extended research briefings. In this report: This report is based on a detailed review of previous studies in the field and draws together the learning about how to deal with cultures once they […]

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Innovation capacity: how to develop it in your organisation

Innovation capacity

Innovation capacity is an important concept for any organisation or company, no matter how small or large. The question is what helps to develop greater levels of innovation capacity? Organisations are complex amalgamations of many factors all of which have to come together to produce the outcomes the organisation desires. Research into connections between multiple […]

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A proactive risk taking culture can enhance business performance

  A proactive risk taking culture can enhance business performance A study just published has shown that innovation in a proactive, risk taking organisational culture can enhance business performance. The roots of business innovation In the words of the authors “a true entrepreneurial genius is someone who has the capability to experiment with combinations of new […]

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What organisational cultures work best in organisations using outsourced staff?

Outsourced staff

In the hotel trade, as with many other industries, outsourcing to smaller companies for certain roles is becoming increasingly common. The hospitality industry is unique in that much of its business is customer focused and, where staff rebel against their employers, the customers tend to get the brunt of the bad feeling. Outsourced staff tend […]

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Organisational mergers and acquisitions: The importance of culture change

mergers and acquisitions

An interesting paper has just been published looking at the role culture change plays in mergers and acquisitions. The researchers estimate that approximately 30% of all mergers and acquisitions that fail to meet their objectives and outcomes, do so because of a clash of organisational cultures within the new merged organisation. The paper proposes seven […]

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The difference between organisational culture and climate and why it matters

The difference between culture and climate

Organisational climate v change   What is the difference between culture and climate?   Mixing up the difference between culture and climate can be very expensive! Following on from the last post about What is an organisational culture, today I thought I would explore what the difference between organisational culture and organisational climate is.     Many […]

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What is an organisational culture?

organisational culture

People talk a lot about ‘organisational culture’ and changing the organisational culture. But what is an organisational culture? The definition of organisational culture There are several different definitions of organisational culture (1) These definitions range from the simple – “It’s the way we do things around here”(2) to the more complicated such as Schien’s definition […]

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Organisational culture change through HR? Really??

HR culture change

HR create drag v culture change through HR Sometimes, in fact frequently, when I look at organisations about to embark on change or who are agile and under constant change and flow a number of functions stand out as potential drag to the change. One of these is the HR function. Hr can be seen from the […]

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What a shoe shop can teach us about developing high performance cultures

What a shoe shop can teach us about developing high performance cultures Tags: is the online shoe and clothing shop based in Las Vegas that was founded by Nick Swinmurn in 1999 and sold to Amazon ten years later for a cool $1.2bn! The firm, run by Tony Hsieh, has become an icon of […]

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