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How to change a bureaucracy into a dynamic organisation

How to change a bureaucracy

Public and private bureaucracies have a number of traits that collude toward slowing them down and producing outcomes that streamlined, fast paced organisations would never tolerate. In dynamic businesses, most, if not all the employees work together to achieve the aims of that business rather than the agendas of individuals. A new study looks at […]

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Levels of Organisational Development – Level 6 – Self-organisation and self-development


Level 6: Self-organisation and self-development Level 1 – Formation Level 2 – Formalisation Level 3 – Integration Level 4 – Expansion Level 5 – Coordination   The distinctive features of the self-organisation and self-development level of organisational development, otherwise known as a holacracy, is characterised by: – a)    A reduction in central control and management. […]

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Levels of organisational development – Level 5


Following on from the previous posts about this new research, today I look at level 5 of the six levels of organisational development. Level five is the coordination level. Level 1 – Formation Level 2 – Formalisation Level 3 – Integration Level 4 – Expansion   Level 5: Coordination     As the organisation or […]

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Levels of Organisational Development – Level 2

Formalisation stage

This post follows on from The Levels of Organisational Development. In that post I explored Level 1 or the Formation Stage of the six levels of organisational development. In this post I will look in a bit more detail at level 2 – The formalisation stage of organisational development:   Level 2: Formalisation Stage     The distinctive […]

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The Levels of Organisational Development

Levels of organisational development

If I was to tell you that some recent research ( Levels of organisational development ) has been able to analyse and describe exactly where an organisation is at any moment in time, and where it should be heading next? Useful eh? Well it has been done. Over the next few weeks I will delve into […]

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How to recover from organisational decline: The 5 R’s of organisational recovery

organisational recovery

The five R’s of organisational recovery Whilst I have a somewhat cynical attitude to models that neatly fit in an word based acronym or words all starting with exactly the same letter and 2×2 matrix, sometimes you find a genuinely useful model. In this case whilst I am not sure this is actually a step-by-step […]

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What is sensemaking? Sensemaking or sense-making “is the process through which individuals work to understand novel, unexpected or confusing events.” (Dyer 2016) or experiences. In other words the process of sense-making is the practice of working out what meanings people are attributing to their experiences. Sense making  gives a clear idea as to what the prevailing beliefs, […]

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The Oxford Review Video Research Briefing: The 4 things that develop a new employee’s commitment to the organisation

In this research video briefing, David looks at a recent paper which found 4 factors that increased peoples commitment to an organisation.

In this Video Research Briefing we look at The 4 things that develop a new employee’s commitment to the organisation Members get regular, short, to the point and easy to digest research briefings, video research briefings, infographics and more.

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What develops a new employee’s commitment to the organisation? 

organisational commitment

A paper just published in the Journal of Organizational Behaviour looks at what makes a difference to new employees’ commitment to the organization. Organisational Commitment Older New Employees Skills Own Initiative Progression Summary Reference Organizational commitment Organizational commitment has been positively associated with a range of outcomes like productivity, intention to stay, engagement in organizational citizenship […]

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Organisational Development research briefings

Free organisational development research briefings

How to be the most impressively up-to-date Organisational Development professional around  Keeping right up-to-date as an Organisational Development practitioner just got a whole lot easier… Organisational Development professionals who know all the latest research and thinking are really impressive. They almost always have valued opinions and insights to share. The thing that is most impressive […]

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