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How to Protect Your Organisation from Plausible Rubbish and Misinformation

Protection from misinformation before its too late

In the era of social media, ChatGPT, AI and mass digital communication, fake news, misinformation and disinformation can spread like wildfire. Due to the myriad sources and entrance points of information into an organisation, they tend to be vulnerable to falling prey to plausible rubbish. Misinformation and disinformation, whether deliberate or not, can cause significant […]

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Why Organisations Love The Oxford Review

Are you the kind of person who prefers good evidence to base your decisions and actions on? If more colleagues in your organisation were to adopt an evidence-based approach, how would that impact decision-making, productivity and performance? Experience is great… but… When they’re making decisions, taking action or working with others people usually depend on […]

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The 5 different dissent strategies and how to deal with them. New research

Dissent strategies

It is estimated that somewhere between 50 and 70% of employees, will, at some point in their employment feel that the organisation has wronged, mistreated or let them down in some way. These issues are referred to as psychological contract breaches. This is where an employee feels that the organisation has failed to fulfil its […]

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How conflicting organisational cultures killed a merger

A longitudinal study just published in the British Journal of Management looked at how a ‘radical’ internet company was absorbed culturally into a ‘bureaucratic’ telecommunications business in The Netherlands. That the process took 12 years to complete at a cultural level shows just how hard it is to absorb a smaller organisation with a completely […]

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Understanding research – what a significant result actually means

In this article – Only the uninformed talk about research proving things The significance of significance How likely are we to get this result by random chance? Levels of significance   What a significant result means In my last blog about research we looked at the fact that it’s almost impossible to prove something. Even […]

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Can knowledge management really change an organisational culture?

  This is a 2 part briefing of new research investigating the role knowledge management plays in changing organisational cultures. Part 1 – (This post) What is knowledge management and about the research Part 2 – The research findings (Next post) The old saying, knowledge is power, shas been shown to have real effect when […]

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Organisational change: building support across different stakeholders Part 3

In this post I look at what the researchers found about resistance, chains of frames and what people tend to focus on and what to do about it. In this post I looked at frames and framing contests and what they are, In the second post I looked at what the researchers found about the […]

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Organisational change: building support across different stakeholders Part 2

Building support across stakeholders

This is the second post in a series of 3 looking at some new research from the US which shows how it is possible to achieve goals at an organisational level by a process called ‘frame decoupling’. In the last post I looked at frames and framing contests and what they are, In this post […]

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