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The BIG difference between the Oxford Review and the Harvard Business Review

I am often asked what the difference is between the Harvard Business Review and the Oxford Review… There is quite a bit of a difference between HBR and The Oxford Review. The first and most important difference is that the HBR doesn’t actually publish much in the way of research. Most of what it publishes […]

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The 3 Human Resources Credibility Factors

HR Credibility

One of the things Human Resources are constantly battling with is developing and maintaining credibility, especially with the operational functions in organisations. It is a continual background tension that sits behind just about every HR department and every thing they do and contribute. Creating credibility and developing influence in an organisation isn’t easy for anyone […]

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Stop calling yourself a professional. Most likely you aren’t, and as for being educated…


On being professional in the workplace During a conversation last week with a group of my research students at Oxford last week they mentioned the p-word. The concept of ‘being professional’ often crops up with students as they think about their future work. ‘So what does being professional mean’? I asked. “people often assume that […]

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