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Get a free pack full of research briefings and infographics Please share the love and give us your feedback about The Oxford Review. Fill in the form and as a thank you we will send you a pack full of research briefings and infographics.​__CONFIG_tvo_shortcode__{“id”:0,”template”:”default-template”,”type”:”capture”,”name_label”:”Name”,”title_label”:”Title”,”email_label”:”Email”,”role_label”:”Your position or role”,”website_url_label”:”Website URL”,”name_required”:1,”title_required”:0,”email_required”:0,”role_required”:0,”role_display”:0,”title_display”:0,”image_display”:1,”reCaptcha_option”:1,”on_success_option”:”message”,”on_success”:”Thanks for submitting your feedback.”,”button_text”:”Submit”,”questions”:[“What do you like about […]

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How to keep on top of your game without information overload

Staying up-to-date

There is nothing more powerful or impactful than when you go to the doctors for example, and she or he says something like “The latest research on this says that….”. Professionals at the top of their game and who can talk with ease about the latest research findings or some new thinking about a topic […]

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How to get Research for Evidence Based Practice and Increase Your Credibility

Research for Evidence-Based Practice

Finding real research evidence for evidence-based practice – with ease For many businesses, organisations, coaches, consultants and HR, L&D and OD professionals The Oxford Review has become the trusted supplier of research for their evidence-based practice. What people get out of The Oxford Review As a direct result of the research briefings and evidence we […]

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The 10 hottest research topics 2016/17

Top 10 Research Topics 2016-17

The 10 hottest research topics from 2016-17 that our members received over the last year The 2018 Research Trends are here The 2019/20 Research Trends are here The top 10 (11 actually as no 10 was tied) trending topics have been in order of research interest & activity over the last year: Organisational Ambidexterity Culture Change Organisational Change […]

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Making evidence-based practice work: The 3 key challenges

In this two part posting I will look at some new research that looks at how to make and embed evidence based practice in your organisation. Part 1 The key challenges of evidence based practice (This Post) What is Evidence based practice New research The 3 key challenges Part 2 Solutions Many professions have moved […]

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