Exam Fails: Some Of This Year's Spectacular Student Exam Fails

University Student Exam Fails

University Student Exam Fails

Funny exam fails…

Here are some of this years university exam fails…

As you may know I also lecture at a couple of Universities (Oxford, Cardiff and Oxford Brookes) on a regular basis. I also mark exam papers and theses in these and a couple of other universities. I thought you might like to see some of the errors we get to see….

When the pressure is on students are often a little too quick to end the experience rather than checking over their papers.

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This particular business course has just moved to electronic submission and it appears proofreading has gone out of the window. The curse of the auto spell will leave a few with red faces as we explore some of this years exam fails.

The exam fail howlers so far this year include:

“The company is completely circumcised”

“The manager is on the game”

“The innovation was the ball and pointy penis” (meant I suspect to be ‘the innovation of the ball point pen is …’)

“The owner of the yoga business bent over backwards …”

“The airline crashed”

“She got a return she wasn’t expecting on her bottom.” This I suspect was about an increased bottom-line.

“They have a sexy policy” (I assume this was meant to be an anti-sexism policy.)

“They were looking for a prophet but were disappointed.” As this is a school of business I suspect they were looking for a different profit, but you never know.

“They were trapped by their bits” – your guess is as good as mine.

One student included a note at the end of his assignment (all word processed and submitted on-line, which I suspect wasn’t meant to be submitted somehow.) “Reminder – Carol owes me a blow job”. Like you’d forget.

Finally my favourite: A note left on a paper … “I must not repeat myself. I must not repeat myself. I must not repeat myself. I must not repeat myself.”

At least exam fails help with the tedium of marking… at times!



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