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Transform Your DEI Training with Research-Based Resources

Using research and evidence-based resources can not only transform the learning experience of participants of DEI training but also increase the practical usefulness and effectiveness of the solutions they fashion as well as considerably and instantly boost your own credibility and the trustworthiness of the material.

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  • Weekly packs filled with engaging training activities and tips for both online and in-person sessions.
  • Customisable training modules based on the latest DEI research.
  • Innovative teaching tools to enhance participant interaction and learning.
  • Comprehensive guides on facilitating difficult conversations around DEI.
  • Resources for continuous personal development as a DEI educator.
  • The very latest DEI research findings in quick and easy to assimilate briefings.

DEI Training: The Imperative of a Research and Evidence-Based Approach


Title: Revolutionising DEI Training: The Imperative of a Research and Evidence-Based Approach

The role of training and education is a central plank of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) development process for any organisations. This means that the role of trainers and educators is pivotal. The distinction between training and eduction that is effective and creates the necessary change in attitudes, thinking and actions/behaviour, and ‘tick-box’ training that is just imparting knowledge with little or no vision, interest or intention to create change is stark. As catalysts for change, you hold the power to shape mindsets and influence organisational cultures. A research and evidence-based approach into DEI training and educational programmes can truly transform the impact of any DEI initiative.

Understanding the Impact of DEI Training

DEI trainers and educators are tasked with a significant responsibility: to facilitate a deep understanding of the need for diversity, challenge preconceptions, and foster inclusive behaviours and equity within and across organisations society. Your work extends beyond mere information dissemination; it’s about inspiring change and promoting a more inclusive and tolerant society. The way DEI training is conducted, how it is facilitated and the content it uses play a pivotal role in the whole DEI movement.

The Necessity of a Research-Based Approach to Transform DEI Training

  • Grounding in Evidence – A research-based approach to DEI training ensures that the content is not just theoretically sound but is also proven to be effective in real-world scenarios.
  • Addressing Unique Challenges – Each organisation or group faces unique challenges in DEI. An evidence-based approach allows trainers to tailor their programmes to meet these specific needs based on robust data.
  • Building Credibility – When DEI training is backed by solid research, it enhances the credibility and authority of the trainers, fostering greater engagement and acceptance of the content by participants.
  • The latest practices and thinking – Basing DEI training and educational programmes on the very latest high-quality robust research evidence helps to develop up-to-date thinking and provides a constant stream of new and fresh ideas and solutions rather than the usual training sessions many people get.

How the Latest Research Transforms DEI Training

  • Enhanced Effectiveness – Training based on empirical evidence has a higher likelihood of producing tangible results in attitudes and behaviours.
  • Data-Driven Customisation – Research enables trainers to customise their programmes to suit the specific demographic and cultural contexts of their audience based on real data.
  • Measurable Outcomes – A research-based approach allows for the establishment of clear, measurable goals, making it possible to evaluate the impact of the training effectively.
  • Continuous Improvement – Staying abreast of the latest research ensures that DEI training remains relevant, effective, and aligned with best practices and latest thinking.
  • Innovation and creativity – Coming into contact with new thinking and perspectives through the latest research helps participants create and craft new ways of tackling the problems they are facing in the work place. Having access to new findings sparks fresh thoughts and ways of solving problems.
  • Deep Engagement – The fact learning materials are based on real research not only adds credibility but allows for it to be interrogated, questioned and most importantly engaged with in different and critical ways that engages and absorbs people in deeper ways.

Implementing a Research-Based Approach in DEI Training

Implementing research and evidence-based approaches to DEI training and education can be achieved by:

  • Incorporating Current Studies – Regularly integrating findings from recent DEI studies and research from the research briefings into training materials.
  • Engaging with Academic Insights – Collaborating with academics and researchers specialising in organisational behaviour, psychology, and DEI from our seminars and talks to enrich the training content.
  • Utilising Data Analytics – Employing research-based data analytics can help participants understand DEI and the impact of what they are doing in the workplace better.
  • Feedback and Adaptation – Getting feedback from participants and their work context alongside the latest research insights can help to continuously refine training approaches and content.

Transforming DEI training through a research and evidence-based approach is not merely an enhancement; it is a necessity for those dedicated to making a real impact in the field of DEI. By grounding your training methods in solid research and data, you can ensure you DEI programmes are not only impactful but also resonate with and effectively address the current and diverse needs of your participants and clients. In a domain as dynamic and crucial as DEI, staying rooted in evidence is the key to driving lasting and meaningful change.

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