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Cultural intelligence

These Three Things Predict Performance in multi-national organisations…

Recent research has begun to show that there are three concepts that

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Developing effective implicit or unconscious bias interventions – New study

By its very nature, implicit or unconscious bias is a problem that

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Trust in teams

Trust and risk-taking in virtual and face-to-face teams – new study

Both virtual and face-to-face teams have exactly the same predictors and indicators

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risk assessment - mobile working

Risk assessment of mobile working – new research

A recent report on the global mobile workforce has forecasted that by

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Does the Emotional Freedom Technique actually do anything? A new study

One of the more controversial emotion regulation techniques to appear over the

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Data Driven

Data Driven Decision-making And Lean Six Sigma – A New Study

As the penetration of technology increases its pace within businesses and organisations

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When overqualified people may be your best option – new research

Overqualified professionals It is common these days to find vastly over qualified

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Organisational Success Podcast

How to Moderate Extreme Thinking, Behaviour and Obsessions at Work

Extremism, or behaviour and thinking that becomes relentlessly focused on one or

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Resilient organisations

How Resilient Organisations Respond to Low Chance – High Impact Events

Resilient organisations: Dealing with sudden unexpected and unplanned for emergencies, is not

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Dennis Toursh

Hubris: The Effect It Has On Organisations And People

Hubris is frequently forwarded as an explanation for many forms of organisational

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Leadership development

Why Leadership Development Courses Do More Harm Than Good

Leadership development programmes are probably one of the most popular forms of

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Technology trends

A new study on technology trends and practices – Agile architecture

A new study looking at the agile technology and architecture trends, practices

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Organisational Success Podcast

Coaching Presence: What it is and how to develop it with Dr. Roger Noon

Coaching presence Coaching presence or how present any particular coach or coachee

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Organisational control

How algorithms are reshaping organisational control – A new study

Algorithms and algorithmic technologies are probably the fastest growing technologies affecting the

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Emotionally dishonest

The cost of not being able to be emotionally honest at work – A new study

Many workers, such as shop service counter employees, hospitality workers etc. are

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