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Are you a Disempowering or an Affirmational Leader? New study


Leaders play pivotal roles in the success of their organisations and have the power to affect significant change in the communities they serve. There are a lot of skills, knowledge and attitudes wrapped up in successful leadership. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the right people with proper training and favourable personality characteristics are […]

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How to Increase Employee Retention. The Role of Job Satisfaction and what Increases it

Organisational Success Podcast

Keeping good staff is becoming increasingly critical for many organisations. Working out what factors help with employee retention is important. One of those factors is job satisfaction. But what helps to increase job satisfaction? In this interview, David talks with Michelle Drake who has recently completed a study which will be of interest to many […]

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A New Study On The Role Organisational Culture Plays In Creating A Knowledge Culture

Knowledge culture

One of the most striking things about the current era is the unbridled access that individuals and organisations have to data and knowledge. Organisations that build their culture around gathering, sharing and exploiting knowledge often have increased levels of intellectual capital. Knowledge is a highly valued resource, due to its potential to enhance a business’s […]

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Dark Triad Executive and Business Coaches – A New Study


Coach Dark Triad Traits may be a neglected area of attention. What happens when the coach has dark triad traits? In a new study, Professor Adrian Furnham, of University College London has explored the area of coach dark triad traits and what impact they might have on coachees. Executive Coaching Executive coaching is a popular […]

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How to Develop Influence as a Leader – A Consultant Practitioner Model

Leadership Influence Model

Leadership Influence Developing trust based influence takes effort and application. In this interview David talks with Scott Hunter, a consultant practitioner who has developed an interesting model of leadership influence. Podcast: Leadership Influence with Scott Hunter Subscribe Subscribe on iTunes Player FM Listen on Spotify Listen on Podbean Google Podcast Scott Hunter – The Innovate […]

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Organisational development and diversity from a practitioner perspective

Organisational development

Organisational development is a complex and interlinked series of activities, thinking and strategies. In this podcast, David talks with Jo Franco-Wheeler who is the Director of Organisational Development and Diversity at Inmarsat about the issues high tech organisations are facing especially around organisational development and inclusion and why these are interlinked. Listen now Subscribe Subscribe […]

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White Lies in Performance Reviews – do they matter?

Performance reviews are a common feature of organisational life. But we live in a society that values being polite and kind to others. As a result, when managers give their employees’ performance feedback, they often struggle to give negative critiques. Some leaders and managers often choose to soften criticism by telling white lies to avoid […]

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A New Study on the Complex Nature of Microaggressions

Nature of microaggressions

The Nature of microagressions tend to be misunderstood. Even though the concept of microaggressions has been circulating in psychiatry for 4 decades, the term has only recently become popular in mainstream organisational and societal consciousness. Originally, the idea of microaggressions was used to describe the veiled hostility and disdain shown to African Americans by racist […]

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