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Our ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) services to the financial services industry are designed to give you and your businesses the edge. 

Get the very latest academic research as it happens from the best universities in the world translated into human for fast, relevant access. There are 78,000 research papers published every month. We scan them all to bring you the latest thinking and research about organisational development.
We can also work directly with your businesses to help them develop their leadership and management thinking and practice through our sister orgsanisation Centre i. 
For example
In the last month alone academic research papers from universities like Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, INSEAD, London School of Bussiness, for example, have been published on:
  1. The connections between leadership activity and productivity, 
  2. How leadership styles impact profitability
  3. What the relationship is between innovation and emotions and emotion regulation within organisations
  4. What management development helps organisational change 
  5. Factors that increase the likelihood middle management will fight change
  6. Organisational ambidexterity – how to get a company to keep their current business going and innovate and move into the next market or product.
Our job is to find the very latest research intelligence, thinking and research to make companies and organisations more flexible, adaptable and relevant, be that leadership or management practice, structural and governance issues or even people development practices. We then get it to you in an easily digestible and practical format that makes it easy to impliment and help guide your investments to develop into flexible and responsive businesses that stay ahead of the game, find new opportunities and grow. 
Your secret ESG source
Our research bulletins power an number of financial institutions ESG activities and we even help guide their businesses with direct CEO and executive coaching, practice development events both in person and online, and a series of other cutting edge support activities to make sure they have the best possible evidence for strategic practice and the day-to-day running of your businesses. 
Evidence based practice for growth
As you would expect we only use the best evidence based thinking to power our work. Unfortunately most companies are making it up as they go along. In one way this is fair as they can’t be experts in everything. However the power of getting timely research based evidence to inform and guide operational and strategic practice makes a huge difference. 
We can often even bring the actual research authors in to help in specific cases. Don’t worry we mediate to keep them focussed and relevant to your businesses needs.
Tsunami of researchBeat the tsunami effect
Before we start supplying intelligence we sit down with you first to understand the needs of your businesses so that we supply only specifially targetted and practical research intelligence. This way neither you or they suffer from information fatigue and overload. You get only the most relevant, practical and actionable evidence available as it is published (and often before it is published) to help your businesses develop and grow. 
Helping your businesses
We can either 
  1. Just provide you with our weekly practice intelligence bulletins and let you take it from there.
  2. Work with you on specific projects to bring the focussed power of the research evidence to bear and help the company transform its thinking, practice and scope, using the best available evidence.
  3. Work directly with a business or group of businesses to get the latest thinking and practice research evidence directly to them to help them move to the next level.

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