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Evidence-based list of barriers to organisational change

This is a spur page from The Essential Guide to Evidence-Based Organisational Change

Strategic barriers to change

  1. Unjustified change
  2. Change adoption barriers
  3. Unrealistic expectations
  4. Deficient leadership
  5. Poor management
  6. Lack of top management support
  7. Lack of management understanding of the change
  8. Lack of top management involvement
  9. Lack of middle and frontline managers’ involvement
  10. Middle management resistance
  11. Management turnover
  12. Inappropriate planning
  13. Lack of a vision and clear direction
  14. Lack of constancy of purpose
  15. Conflicting gaols
  16. Drive for short-term results
  17. Experience of previous failed change initiatives
  18. Lack of government support

Procedural barriers to change

  1. Lack of expertise to implement the change 
  2. Inappropriate model for implementing change
  3. Inappropriate methods for implementing change
  4. Lack of process focus
  5. Lack of customer focus
  6. Lack of suppliers’ involvement
  7. Lack of measurement
  8. Bureaucracy and paperwork
  9. Ineffective corrective actions

Human resources barriers to change

  1. Lack of employee involvement and participation
  2. Lack of employee commitment
  3. Lack of employee motivation and satisfaction
  4. Lack of employee interest
  5. High employee turnover
  6. Employees’ resistance to change
  7. Low employee education level
  8. Employee shortage, increased work load
  9. Lack of training and education
  10. Incompetent employees
  11. Inadequate empowerment at all levels
  12. Lack of recognition and reward for success • Fear of losing job
  13. Lack of union cooperation

Contextual barriers to change

  1. Inappropriate organisational culture
  2. Lack of team orientation
  3. Lack of employee trust in senior management
  4. Problem solving mindset
  5. Poor / ineffective communication
  6. Difficulties in changing organisational culture
  7. Lack of innovation
  8. Political behaviours
  9. Diversity of workforce

Structural barriers to change

  1. Inappropriate organisational structure
  2. Not providing required physical resources
  3. Lack of financial support / cost of
  4. Lack of (or limited) information systems
  5. Lack of organisational flexibility

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Mosadeghrad, A. M., & Ansarian, M. (2014). Why do organisational change programmes fail?. International Journal of Strategic Change Management, 5(3), 189-218. 

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