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How clients choose consultants – what the research shows

Special Research Reports

What criteria and what decision-making processes organisations use to choose consultants is an important question for both organisations and consultants / consultancies. Looking at the current research provides a useful evidence-based overview of the nature of the problem faced by organisations when deciding whether or not to call in external expertise and help and how they go about making the choice between the huge array of consultants and consultancies available in the market.


If you are a management consultant or consultancy you are one of over 13,700,000 management consultants[i]:




If you are a Management Development Consultant, you are one of over 8.5 million[ii]


From a potential client’s perspective these figures alone present an obvious problem…. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

[i] Search LinkedIn date accessed 14.10.19


[ii] Search LinkedIn date accessed 14.10.19



In this special report we look at what the research shows about what clients are actually looking for when they make the decision to use a consultant or consultancy, how they make their decisions and what consultants can do to make sure they are in the frame to be chosen.



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