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Resilience in Action: Creating Healthy Organisations that Thrive

Cultivate a Vibrant Work Environment and Drive Peak Performance

The importance of 'Organisational Health: What The Research Says'

Are you ready to transform your organisation into a thriving and resilient powerhouse? 

Do you want to leverage the latest research and evidence-based strategies to optimise your organisation's health and drive exceptional performance and high employee retention?

Look no further.

The Oxford Review presents our ground-breaking special report: "Organisational Health: What the Research Says."

Leaders face the challenge of cultivating a healthy and resilient organisation. However, with a multitude of approaches and practices available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the noise and identify the most effective strategies that truly create a positive and high-performing work environment.

This research briefing holds all current research on organisational health from around the world, the newest organisational health models, research on how to increase productivity, critical questions about organisational health, how to measure the health of your organisation, research breakdown, the structure of psychological well-being, financial outcomes of organisational health and other contributing factors. The research briefing is laid out in bite size chunks with easy-to-understand language so anyone can access and benefit from this research.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what other leaders have experienced after incorporating our research-backed insights into their organisational health initiatives:

It challenges conventional thinking and invites leaders to reimagine the very fabric of their organisations. By presenting evidence-based insights and strategies, this report sparks a shift in perspective and has been imperative for me to create healthy policies that have derived great results. It goes beyond superficial measures and dives deep into the core elements that drive sustainable success. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered. All the employees now have their own individual copies of this briefing.

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What this research briefing gives you and your team

By investing in "Organisational Health: What the Research Says," you will gain access to:

  1. Evidence-Based Insights: Discover the latest research findings and their practical implications for organisational health. Stay ahead of the curve with scientifically supported strategies that optimise well-being, engagement, and performance.
  2. Cultivating a Healthy Work Environment: Apply evidence-based strategies derived from the research to foster a culture of well-being, collaboration, and high performance. Develop practices that enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.
  3. Effective Leadership Practices: Learn about leadership strategies and behaviors that positively impact organisational health. Gain insights into creating an inclusive and empowering leadership style that fosters trust, transparency, and employee growth.
  4. Building Resilience: Explore techniques to enhance organisational resilience and navigate change effectively. Learn how to create adaptive structures, promote learning and innovation, and foster a positive mindset within your organisation.
  5. Employee Engagement and Motivation: Gain insights into strategies to boost employee engagement and motivation. Discover evidence-based practices that align individual and organisational goals, enhance job satisfaction, and promote a sense of purpose.
  6. Strategies for Collaboration and Communication: Learn techniques to foster effective collaboration and communication within your organisation. Enhance teamwork, build strong relationships, and facilitate open and transparent dialogue that drives organisational success.
  7. Practical Implementation Guidance: Benefit from practical recommendations and implementation guidance derived from the research. Understand how to translate research insights into actionable strategies that align with your unique organisational context.

What do you get?

  • Improved performance: Organisational health is linked to better productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. By understanding how to improve health, organisations can achieve better results.
  • Reduced costs: Unhealthy organisations tend to have higher absenteeism, turnover, accidents, and errors - all of which cost money. Improving health can reduce these costs and create a more sustainable organisation.
  • Better work environment: Healthy organisations have a better culture, more engaged employees, and less conflict or dysfunction. This creates a better place to work which benefits both employees and the organisation. 
  • Increased agility: Healthy organisations are able to adapt more quickly to changes in the environment. They can pivot and make strategic shifts as needed to thrive over the long run. Unhealthy organisations struggle with change.
  • Stronger alignment: There is more clarity and consensus around priorities, values, goals, and key strategic decisions in a healthy organisation. This alignment around purpose and direction benefits all parts of the organisation. 
  • Improved leadership: Leaders are able to be more effective in healthy organisations. And leadership is also essential for improving and maintaining health. Education on organisational health helps leaders better understand their role and impacts.
  • Better oversight: Understanding metrics and models of organisational health gives executives and directors more insight into the functioning and effectiveness of the organisation. They can identify red flags sooner and make governance decisions based on key health indicators. 
  • Consistent process: Education on evidence-based models for organisational health assessment and improvement helps establish systematic processes. The organization can consistently monitor, assess and work on enhancing health over time.

  • Shared understanding: A common framework and language around organisational health gives all members of the organisation a shared model for thinking about what a high-performing culture looks like. They can then work together to achieve that vision.

  • The price is $99 for the Organisational Health special research briefing
  • With this one-time investment, you'll gain exclusive access to the report in digital format, instantly downloadable from our secure website
  • On checkout you will have the option to purchase another special research briefing from our library for half price with the purchase of this briefing

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