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The Action Learning Handbook: Transforming Organisations from Within

Action Learning Mastery: Empowering Organisations for Success

The importance of: 'Action Learning - a primer and special report'

Action Learning and Action Learning sets have been around as instruments of problem-solving for a very long time and are based on ideas of experiential learning and reflective practice. The core idea is that, in order to learn effectively, people need to go through a series of steps.

Action learning has emerged as a powerful methodology that combines learning with real-world action, fostering individual and organisational development. However, without a comprehensive guide to action learning, many learning and development professionals struggle to leverage its full potential.

Our special report, "Action Learning - A Primer and Special Report," provides the key to unlocking the power of action learning. This comprehensive guide dives deep into various action learning models, explores the outcomes and weaknesses associated with the approach, delves into critical action learning perspectives, and provides insights into the typical action learning process.

The report goes beyond surface-level explanations and dives into the intricate details of action learning models, outcomes, weaknesses, and critical approaches. The wealth of data, case studies, and best practices provided in this report have equipped me with a comprehensive toolkit to design and implement effective action learning initiatives. 

millie langer

L&D professional

Honestly the best read I've read all year. I recommend to everyone!

Abaeze Abdullah

L&D professional

What this research briefing gives you and your team

By investing in "Action Learning - A Primer and Special Report," you will gain access to:

  1. Comprehensive Overview of Action Learning Models: Explore various action learning models, including their key principles, characteristics, and applications. Gain a deep understanding of how different models can be tailored to specific organisational needs and learning objectives.

  2. Action Learning Outcomes: Discover the transformative outcomes that action learning can deliver. Explore how action learning contributes to individual growth, leadership development, problem-solving capabilities, and organisational effectiveness.

  3. Identifying Weaknesses and Challenges: Understand the potential challenges and weaknesses associated with action learning. Learn how to navigate and overcome these challenges to ensure successful implementation and maximize the benefits of action learning.

  4. Critical Action Learning Approaches: Delve into critical perspectives on action learning, examining its sociopolitical context, power dynamics, and impact on organisational change. Gain insights into how critical action learning can drive inclusive and transformative learning experiences.

  5. The Typical Action Learning Process: Understand the key steps and components of the typical action learning process. Explore the roles and responsibilities of participants, facilitators, and stakeholders, and gain practical guidance on implementing action learning initiatives.

'There can be no learning without action, and no action without learning' - Reg Revans

What do you get?

  • Provides evidence that action learning is an effective learning and development approach. The research can demonstrate how action learning has been shown to improve performance, problem solving skills, innovation and leadership capabilities.
  • Explains the different action learning models and processes. Understanding the various frameworks and typical action learning cycle can help you apply it more effectively in your own context.
  • Illustrates the potential outcomes of action learning. The briefing can highlight benefits like increased knowledge, solutions to real problems, development of critical thinking and collaboration skills, and development of leadership and coaching abilities.
  • Offers possible solutions to overcome weaknesses of action learning. 
  • Suggests best practices for critical success factors. Based on the research, the briefing can provide tips to maximize the impact of action learning through factors like forming diverse groups, having a clear problem focus, providing facilitation and review sessions.
  • Stimulates discussion on how to tailor action learning for their needs. The research can serve as a springboard for teams to discuss how they want to adapt action learning to meet their specific learner profiles and organisational context.
  • Increase buy-in for action learning initiatives. Showing relevant evidence from academic literature and examples can help convince skeptics of the potential value of action learning as a learning tool.
  • The price is $78 for the Leading Learning special research briefing
  • With this one-time investment, you'll gain exclusive access to the report in digital format, instantly downloadable from our secure website
  • On checkout you will have the option to purchase another special research briefing from our library for half price with the purchase of this briefing

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