Biphobia Allyship - Definition and Explanation

Biphobia Allyship – Definition and Explanation

Biphobia Allyship


Biphobia Allyship refers to the active support, advocacy, and solidarity extended by individuals and organisations towards those who identify as bisexual, combating the discrimination and prejudice they face due to their sexual orientation. It involves recognising and challenging biphobia – the irrational fear or aversion towards bisexuality – while actively working towards creating inclusive environments where bisexual individuals feel validated and respected.

Understanding Biphobia and its Impact:

Biphobia manifests in various forms, including stereotypes, erasure, and discrimination, both within LGBTQ+ communities and society at large. Bisexual individuals often face invalidation of their identities, being told they are “confused” or “going through a phase,” which can lead to feelings of isolation and marginalisation. Biphobia can also result in limited representation in media, lack of resources tailored to bisexual-specific issues, and barriers to accessing healthcare and support services.

The Role of Biphobia Allyship:

Biphobia Allyship entails actively challenging biphobic attitudes and behaviours, amplifying the voices of bisexual individuals, and advocating for policies and practices that promote inclusivity. It involves educating oneself and others about bisexuality, acknowledging and validating bisexual experiences, and creating safe spaces where individuals can express their identities without fear of judgment or discrimination.


In the United Kingdom, various organisations are championing Biphobia Allyship through inclusive policies and advocacy efforts. For instance, Pride events across the UK are increasingly prioritising bisexual visibility by including bisexual-specific programming, such as workshops and panel discussions, alongside traditional LGBTQ+ activities. Additionally, workplaces are implementing diversity training that specifically addresses biphobia and equips employees with the knowledge and skills to be effective allies to bisexual colleagues.


Biphobia Allyship is a critical component of DEI efforts, aiming to dismantle the systemic barriers and biases that perpetuate discrimination against bisexual individuals. By actively advocating for inclusivity, challenging biphobia, and amplifying bisexual voices, we can create a more equitable society where all identities are celebrated and respected.


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