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How research briefings develop creativity, inspire innovation behaviours and flexibility

“But knowing research doesn’t exactly help my people become creative and innovative, does it?”

Quite the opposite, actually. Research, when presented in the right way ignites the spark that leads to adaptability, innovation and creativity.

Our research briefings are more than just a compilation of facts and findings. They are catalysts for inspiration, creativity and innovation, acting as intellectual stepping stones for your team to leap into the realm of ‘what’s possible’.

Every briefing we provide is a snapshot of the latest research, curated by our expert team from the most prestigious academic journals around the globe. But it’s not just about the cutting edge – it’s about application. Our briefings aren’t just presented to inform; they are designed to provoke thinking, stimulate discussion and inspire new, innovative ideas.

By engaging with our research briefings, your team will not only stay ahead of the latest developments and trends, but also develop the skills of flexibility and adaptiveness – qualities that are essential in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Our research briefings will provide your team a with constant stream of fresh perspectives on familiar challenges. Understanding the scientific principles that underpin work, performance and behaviour helps your people devise innovative solutions that are grounded in evidence, rather than relying on instinct or convention.

So yes, knowing research can have a significant, positive impact and help your people become more creative and innovative. You will find the constant flow of new thinking will open people’s minds to new ways of looking at things, inspiring them to challenge the status quo and increase innovation and flexibility.

Embrace the power of research with The Oxford Review. Our research briefings are more than knowledge – they’re the fuel for your organisation’s innovation engine.

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