What you should to know about the organizational levels of development

What you should to know about the organizational levels of development

organisational levels of development

All organisations go through stages as they develop. A research paper just published by researchers this month has identified the 6 levels of organisational development. Not only does this work appear to be valid but it has huge importance for business owners, leaders, managers, Organisational Development, Human Resources, Learning & Development professionals, consultants and coaches.

David - Organisations_inforgraphycs_ A4 protrait_v4To get the infographic free: CLICK HERE

Imagine if you could predict where the organisation needs to go next. At a macro level the stages of organisational development tells you exactly where the organisation is heading. It tells you what the next steps in it’s development are likely to be as well. Being able to see into the future like this is incredibly useful. It means you can plan and react with greater accuracy. They show you what thinking and behaviour will be needed to literally take your organisation to the next level.

Whilst the research is I believe, seminal, and whilst it has just been published, it is strangely hidden away in an engineering journal and in Russian. Hidden gems like this occur all the time in our work. Firstly such paper can be hidden away in obscure journals, written by and for academics in their own research language and often in different languages. Further they compete with the 78,000+ papers published every month around the world. Our job is to bring important work like this to our members.

The levels are as follows:

  1. Formation
  2. Formalisation
  3. Integration
  4. Expansion
  5. Coordination
  6. Self-organisation and self development

The Oxford Review has put all the information you need on the 6 levels of organisational development in a useful infographic.


To get the infographic: CLICK HERE

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David Wilkinson

  • nick says:

    Interesting, there’s some overlap with The Greiner Growth Model proposed in 1972 by Ed Greiner. His stages included:
    Coordination and Monitoring
    Extra Organisational Solutions
    Both look helpful but there’s a need to recognise the polarities inherent in all orgs, for example some GP Federations I am supporting are in the Direction stage but their commissioners are expecting them to work as if they are in the collaboration stage. The reality is they have to do both.

  • William Butler says:

    Very interesting, Thank you

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