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Job crafting: How to get people engaged with it – new study

How to get people engaged with job crafting

Job crafting has been found to be a productive employee activity, but there are problems with getting people engaged with it. New research looks at how to get employees engaged with job crafting. The idea of job crafting The three facets of job crafting A new study Findings   The idea of job crafting One […]

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Is the use of strengths at work as powerful as many people think?

Organisational Success Podcast

Is the use of strengths at work as powerful as we might think? What are the factors that matter? Keywords: Character, signature strengths, well-being, organisational behaviour, trait affect, job satisfaction, job strain Overview Personal qualities Character strengths  Transcript   Overview Does focussing on individuals strengths at work, work? A new wide ranging study looking whether […]

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Receptiveness to change: how job satisfaction and organisational commitment impacts it

Receptiveness to change

Receptiveness to change is a key issue in organisations. A lot of time, money and effort is used trying to predict and develop receptiveness to change as this is a primary indicator of organisational readiness for change. A new study looking at the relationships between job satisfaction, organisational commitment and people’s attitudes toward organisational change […]

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