The top 10 research topics in human and organisational development

The top 10 trending research topics

our first birthday

Today is our birthday – The Oxford Review is 1-year-old so I thought I would look at the numbers and list the top 10 research topics from 2016/17.

  1. The numbers
  2. Top 10 research topics
  3. 2017 – new tools, techniques, and instruments

The numbers

  • Our algorithms have searched through over 1.2 million peer-reviewed research papers published over 7,871 research journals contained in 847 research databases in 2016
  • We have physically read and considered 4,561 research papers
  • Our practitioners chose 260 research studies to fully review based on usefulness, their ability to be actionable and practical and their interest to our members
  • Out of the 260 papers turned into briefings for our members we have produced
    • 12 Copies of The Oxford Review containing 156 research briefings
    • 104 weekly Research Briefings
    • 12 Research video briefings
    • 5 Infographics
  • and Completed 15 special reports for organisations and businesses including Danone, The State Department, The NHS, 2 police forces, 2 Banks, 1 retail store, 3 multinationals and 7 repeat orders for different topics
  • David has been asked to talk at 43 conferences and has actually managed to do 21 of these including the UK Police Chiefs Conference and the British Academy where his talk was voted one of the top 3 most interesting talks.
  • Social media
    • We have also posted 8,760 research based tweets,
    • 156 Facebook posts
      • 82 LinkedIn posts and
      • 96 blog posts!
  • We have also received 92 emails of appreciation and 0 email of complaint
  • And redesigned our website three times and (we estimate) written over 14,000 emails!
  • We have also redesigned The Oxford Review twice and
  • The Research Briefings 3 times to make them even quicker and easier to assimilate and more useful
  • We have gone out, interviewed and listened to 304 people about the design of the Oxford Review in a continual effort to make them better, quicker and more and more useful.

And now the top 10 research topics from 2016/17 – drum roll…..

Top 10 Research Topics

The top 10 research topics (11 actually as no 10 was tied) in order of research interest:

  1. Organisational Ambidexterity
  2. Culture Change
  3. Organisational Change
  4. Uncertainty / ambiguity
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Co-optition
  7. Emotional Resilience
  8. Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Regulation
  9. Developing Innovation mindsets / capability
  10. = Leadership and Management Ethics
  11. =Use of social media in organisations particularly for
    1. Communication and collaboration
    2. Learning in organisations

Not bad for our first year! Looking forward 2017


This year we are expanding and as well as:

  • The monthly Oxford Review
  • Weekly research briefings
  • Video research briefings, and
  • Infographics

our members are also now getting tools, instruments, models and techniques for

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • L&D Professionals
  • Org Dev Professionals
  • Executive & Org Dev Coaches, and
  • Management & Org Dev Consultants

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David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson is the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Review. He is also acknowledged to be one of the world's leading experts in dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty and developing emotional resilience. David teaches and conducts research at a number of universities including the University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division, Cardiff University, Oxford Brookes University School of Business and many more. He has worked with many organisations as a consultant and executive coach including Schroders, where he coaches and runs their leadership and management programmes, Royal Mail, Aimia, Hyundai, The RAF, The Pentagon, the governments of the UK, US, Saudi, Oman and the Yemen for example. In 2010 he developed the world's first and only model and programme for developing emotional resilience across entire populations and organisations which has since become known as the Fear to Flow model which is the subject of his next book. In 2012 he drove a 1973 VW across six countries in Southern Africa whilst collecting money for charity and conducting on the ground charity work including developing emotional literature in children and orphans in Africa and a number of other activities. He is the author of The Ambiguity Advanatage: What great leaders are great at, published by Palgrave Macmillian. See more: About: About David Wikipedia: David's Wikipedia Page

  • sherali says:

    Thanks for the topics. I wanted ask something related to research articles. Can someone publish research articles independently and without having a PhD?


    • Hi Sherali,
      The short answer is yes. Peer reviewed journals only look at the quality of the research not the qualifications of the researcher.
      I hope this helps


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