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Conspiracy Theories: Research On Why People Believe Them

conspiracy theories

Over the past few years, the prevalence of conspiracy theories has spun out of control thanks to the ease of sharing false information through social media and efforts from several quarters to promote anti-intellectualism. Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy theories are speculation and explanatory beliefs of events or systems whereby multiple actors are assumed to secretly conspire […]

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New Research about Self-deception in Organisations

Self-deception in organisations

Self-deception in organisations is probably one of the most serious hidden issue organisations face today. A new study looking at self-deception in organisations has been conducted looking at the effects it can have on productivity has found that there are different levels and types of self- deception. When people have a firm allegiance and commitment […]

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The Oxford Review Guide to Critical Thinking: What is it and how to develop it…

Critical Thinking

What is critical thinking and how do you develop it?      If you have had the privilege of going to university you will have been extolled to engage in critical thinking. Many organisations have critical thinking in their competency frameworks and it is a phrase banded about a lot in professional circles. But what […]

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