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The precariat

The Oxford Review Encyclopaedia of Terms

The precariat is a social class of people who comprise people who are in a state of precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security.  Precarity has been shown to affect both material and psychological welfare. Modern day ‘gig economy’ workers, mainly freelancers without long term or permanent contracts and people on […]

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Ambivalent identification


Ambivalent identification refers to the extent to which an individual or group of people perceive, recognise and are able to distinguish and label conflicting feelings about an issue. A number of studies have found that most people have a mixture of feelings towards their organisation at the same time which cases them to both identify […]

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The Oxford Review Video Research Briefing: The 4 things that develop a new employee’s commitment to the organisation

In this research video briefing, David looks at a recent paper which found 4 factors that increased peoples commitment to an organisation.

In this Video Research Briefing we look at The 4 things that develop a new employee’s commitment to the organisation Members get regular, short, to the point and easy to digest research briefings, video research briefings, infographics and more.

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What develops a new employee’s commitment to the organisation? 

organisational commitment

A paper just published in the Journal of Organizational Behaviour looks at what makes a difference to new employees’ commitment to the organization. Organisational Commitment Older New Employees Skills Own Initiative Progression Summary Reference Organizational commitment Organizational commitment has been positively associated with a range of outcomes like productivity, intention to stay, engagement in organizational citizenship […]

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