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What is DEI? The Oxford Review Guide to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

What is DEI? The initials DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and might also be seen as DEI&E in some organisations and consultancies, which refers to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Equality. For this briefing we will use the shortened form of ‘DEI’ (Definitions of each of these terms are given below). What is EDI? […]

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How to Protect Your Organisation from Plausible Rubbish and Misinformation

Misinformation and plausible rubbish

In the era of social media, ChatGPT, AI and mass digital communication, plausible rubbish, fake news, misinformation and disinformation can spread like wildfire. Due to the myriad sources and entrance points of information into an organisation, they tend to be vulnerable to falling prey to plausible rubbish. Misinformation and disinformation, whether deliberate or not, can […]

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The Essential Guide to Evidence-Based Practice

(Evidence-based practice – Updated May 2023)  Table of Contents Your indispensable guide to evidence-based practice (EBP) The Principles of Evidence-Based PracticeThe History of Evidence-Based PracticeDeveloping evidence-based practice in organisationsSo, how can you tell how good a piece of research is and what do we mean by good?References Your indispensable guide to evidence-based practice (EBP)  Evidence-based practice is […]

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Evidence-based list of barriers to organisational change

This is a spur page from The Essential Guide to Evidence-Based Organisational Change Strategic barriers to change Unjustified change Change adoption barriers Unrealistic expectations Deficient leadership Poor management Lack of top management support Lack of management understanding of the change Lack of top management involvement Lack of middle and frontline managers’ involvement Middle management resistance […]

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The essential guide to evidence-based organisational change

evidence-based organisational change

This research briefing is part of The Essential Guide to Evidence-Based PracticeThe rate of changeOrganisational change is a continually ‘hot topic’ within both the organisational and research communities with very good reason, as the rate of the pace of change increases year-on-year (currently estimated[a] to be approximately 9% increase in change year-on-year).  And this is […]

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How to implement Evidence-Based Practice

Updated March 2020Evidence-Based Practice implementationEffective implementation of evidence-based practice presents a series of real challenges to many organisations. Whilst evidence-based practice is the gold standard for decision making and practice or operations in any organisation, it, as a systematic practice, is far from a simple prospect to implement in an organisation and, as a consequence, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Skills Development – Many Learning and Development ‘professionals’ don’t understand how to develop skills…

Skills development

The Ultimate Guide to Skills Development There is a bit more to skills development than just practice. This Oxford Review guide to developing skills in organisations will lead you through just about everything you need to know to become an ace at skills development. Following on from my last post two posts: Why many people’s […]

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