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How to Develop Influence as a Leader – A Consultant Practitioner Model

Leadership Influence Model

Leadership Influence Developing trust based influence takes effort and application. In this interview David talks with Scott Hunter, a consultant practitioner who has developed an interesting model of leadership influence. Podcast: Leadership Influence with Scott Hunter Subscribe Subscribe on iTunes Player FM Listen on Spotify Listen on Podbean Google Podcast Scott Hunter – The Innovate […]

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Effective CPD: What the research says

In this Special Research Briefing we look at what the research says about effective organisational CPD or Continual Professional Development. Many organisational CPD schemes fail to have much impact beyond adding more information to already crowded and busy brains. Additionally, organisations tend to confuse CPD with primary learning and development activities. Did you know?:  There […]

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Research Briefing Specials

The Oxford Review is famous for its Research Briefings®. These are short, addictive overviews of the very latest research across a range of subjects around people, business and organisations. In addition, to the members research briefings (see here for details of memberships) which focus on specific published research papers (see What is a research briefing), […]

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The Essential Guide to Evidence-Based Practice – 2022


(Evidence-based practice – Updated May 2022) Your indispensable guide to evidence-based practice (EBP)  Evidence-based practice is becoming a real force in a rapidly growing number of organisations and public services. Even traditional organisations like the police have a growing body of evidence-based practitioners and functions to support the promotion and embedding of evidence-based practice as well as […]

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Organisational development and diversity from a practitioner perspective

Organisational development

Organisational development is a complex and interlinked series of activities, thinking and strategies. In this podcast, David talks with Jo Franco-Wheeler who is the Director of Organisational Development and Diversity at Inmarsat about the issues high tech organisations are facing especially around organisational development and inclusion and why these are interlinked. Listen now Subscribe Subscribe […]

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How to Coach in a Digital World and What is Coming Next?

Organisational Success Podcast

Whilst the pandemic ‘bumped’ many coaches into a using digital platforms to connect with their clients, this is just the start of a trend that is heading into an increasingly digital world. What does it mean for coaches and coaching? What is coming up for coaching? And how, as a coach can you thrive as […]

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How Noise Causes Problems with Our Decision-Making Capability

Organisational Success Podcast

There are many things that interfere with our ability to make good decisions and judgements. In a new book by Daniel Kahneman, Cass Sunstein and Olivier Sibony, noise is identified as having a major negative impact on both our decision-making and judgements. In this fascinating interview, David talks with co-author Professor Olivier Sibony about what noise […]

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