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Podcast: Plausible Rubbish & how to Protect your Organisation

Plausible rubbish

  In this podcast David looks at a range of strategies that help protect organisations from misinformation, disinformation and plausible rubbish.   To book a call with David about how to develop critical thinking, evidence-based-practice and prevent misinformation, disinformation and plausible rubbish from negatively impacting your organisation CLICK HERE    Transcript  In this podcast, I […]

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Transforming Sales Management: How to Get Sales People Through Change

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective sales management has become crucial for companies looking to gain a competitive edge. With evolving consumer preferences and increasing market complexities, it is essential for businesses to adopt innovative strategies and techniques to drive sales growth. However, as the world changes so do organisations and sales processes. Helping sales […]

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The GOALPosts Coaching Model: Navigating Success in the Organisation

The GOALPosts Coaching Model is a highly effective approach that enables individuals to achieve their goals with remarkable success. This model, rooted in the principles of coaching and personal development, empowers individuals to clarify their objectives, overcome obstacles, and take purposeful actions toward their desired outcomes. Listen to Keith and David talk about the GOALPosts […]

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Taming the Culture Tiger in Managing Diversity in the Organisation

Taming the culture tiger

Organisational culture has a significant on the success of any organisation. The problem is, managing organisational culture is not an easy task. In this podcast, David talks with Dr. Kate Price, author of a new book – Taming the Culture Tiger, the Art, and Science of. Transforming organisations and accelerating innovation. Listen Kate and David […]

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Why Social Identity During Organisational Change is Critical

The OR Podcast

Understanding the importance of social identity during organisational change is crucial for fostering a positive work environment and ensuring a smooth transition during organisational change events. During organisational change employees often have to adapt to new roles, relationships, and expectations. In effect these change people’s sense of identity in the organisation. Acknowledging and nurturing individuals’ […]

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How to Protect Your Organisation from Plausible Rubbish and Misinformation

Misinformation and plausible rubbish

In the era of social media, ChatGPT, AI and mass digital communication, plausible rubbish, fake news, misinformation and disinformation can spread like wildfire. Due to the myriad sources and entrance points of information into an organisation, they tend to be vulnerable to falling prey to plausible rubbish. Misinformation and disinformation, whether deliberate or not, can […]

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