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A New Study on the Impact of Zhong-Yong Thinking on Creative Problem-Solving

creative problem solving

As the pace and magnitude of change increases, especially during unstable times like the Covid pandemic, more and more organisations are trying to increase the level of creative and innovation capabilities within their businesses. One line of development has been an increased interest in creative problem solving. Creative problem-solving Creative problem-solving is used to attack […]

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Paradox theory and the paradoxes of Covid-19 – research interview

Organisational Success Podcast

Paradox Theory has a lot to say about the situations people and organisations have found themselves in during the Covid pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented society, individuals and organisations a range of serious problems and challenges. Many of these are paradoxes that often go unrecognised and undiagnosed. Further, understanding how to deal with the […]

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How we collude to not resolve the paradoxes leaders and managers create

Paradoxes in organisations

How managers and leaders create paradoxes at work¬† Messages and orders from leaders and managers create a world of meaning in organisations. Often however the messages managers and leaders unintentionally send out frequently create a paradox i.e. inconsistencies, uncertainties and ambiguity that defy or counter the prevailing logic within the organisation. These in effect, create […]

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A model for coping with the paradoxes of management

coping with the paradoxes of management

Coping with the paradoxes of management A significant part of management actually entails how to manage the paradoxes and dilemmas presented in daily organisational life. Coping with the paradoxes of management is a core skill when trying to deal with competing and often diametrically opposed priorities that abound in organisational life. A new model just […]

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