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Why Some People Learn Better Using Collaborative Learning Techniques

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning Collaborative or cooperative learning is becoming increasingly popular, especially in digital formats with the rise of a plethora of digital collaboration tools. There is a continual move away from teacher led learning and ideas of ‘knowledge transfer’, which are increasingly being shown to be ineffective in terms of long-term learning, towards a more […]

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Ideation – definition and explanation


Ideation – the basis of creativity. Ideation is the process of coming up with or creating new ideas or concepts. Previous research has identified four factors that underpin ideation: Motivation or effort General human capital or knowledge Specific human capital or the ability to accurately evaluate ideas, and Imagination or the ability to innovate, be […]

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Is there a link between emotional intelligence and creativity?

emotional intelligence and creativity

Is there a link between emotional intelligence and creativity?   Emotional intelligence and creativity: Is there a link? A new study published in the journal Business Perspectives and Research looked at whether there is a link between employees’ creativity at work and their general level of emotional intelligence.   The Study The 4 Dimensions of […]

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