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Learning & Development Research Briefing Downloads

Learning & Development Research Briefings

Downloads Home > Learning & Development / Knowledge Management / Org Learning Research Briefings (This page) Individual research briefings are only available to members Individual Research Briefings by Category/Topic: Member Home Coaching | HR | L&D | Leadership | Management | OrgDev/Org Change Oxford Review Copies Browse Everything in order of publication (ish) Infographics Video […]

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Can knowledge management really change an organisational culture?

  This is a 2 part briefing of new research investigating the role knowledge management plays in changing organisational cultures. Part 1 – (This post) What is knowledge management and about the research Part 2 – The research findings (Next post) The old saying, knowledge is power, shas been shown to have real effect when […]

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Developing organisational ambidexterity – the implications for HR, L&D and OD


One of the big themes emerging from the management and organisational development literature at the moment is that of organisational ambidexterity. Get research updates from The Oxford Review – free.   Doing the two main organisational tasks change brings about A problem that has dogged many organisations is how to continue to exploit its existing […]

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How to be impressively up-to-date with no effort

up to date

  How to be impressively up-to-date with no effort   You know those people who are always impressively and ridiculously well read? The people who somehow just appear to know something about everything and are continually saying things like: “Have you read…?” or “Actually there is some research on that” or “Ah yes the research […]

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What increases innovation capability and general performance in organisations: New research


An interesting and fairly large- scale study has just been published in the Chinese Language Journal of Quality that conducts a form of factor analysis called Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) on data from 398 organisations. The study looked at the level of influence the following factors have on each other: Organisational culture Leadership style and […]

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The two main things that make evidence-based practice work

evidence-based practice

How to make evidence-based practice work Many professions have moved towards evidence-based practice over the years. The real pioneers here have been the various medical and health services around the world, but as a concept it is being increasingly used in just about every industry to a lesser or greater extent. However whilst there is […]

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